Legends of Unova: Macbeth

Legends of Unova: Macbeth

2 chapters / 1164 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Unova, or as the ancients say, Alba, is in the midst of a war with a nation across the sea, Lachlunn. Fleance, son of Banquo, a general of Unova, is about to start a Pokemon journey, an revived ancient way of becoming a master trainer, but because of this danger he has to travel with two other companions, his friend Raghnaid, daughter of Lord Ross, Thane of Opelucia, and his adopted brother Diarmad. Sudden inner turmoil engulfs Unova even further as they set out, testing their limits and destroying the things they hold dear. Can they survive? If you read, please comment! I need to know what to improve! Thanks!



over 5 years ago Adrianna M said:

This is great! :) I was a bit confused with all the dialogue in Ch 1 but once it gets into the paragraphs I caught up and it was fine. I love the names you used, so awesome. I didn't see any major grammar issues so overall this was a really cool piece :)


over 5 years ago Sarah Spradlin said:

Want to hear more :D



almost 5 years ago Soja Moore said:

This seems really good, but I was really confused on where this was all going. You could use more details in your sentences and get more in dept of the setting as well as the characters. A bit of fixing up and this can be great! Keep writing!

-Soja :)