Heart of Light

Heart of Light

15 chapters / 13565 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Serenity is about to audition for a spot in the most prestigious orchestra in her world. The judges are excited and everyone's eyes are focused on her...except for her own.
The amazing cover is by ledernierjour!


Drama, Novel, Romance



about 2 years ago Robin Nova said:

This is beautiful. I cried. This is one of my favorite things I've read on Figment. Well done! -Robin


over 5 years ago Tempest Storm said:

I love it!!!!! but it is so sad too!!!! *sniff*


over 5 years ago haleigh said:

*Free Read*

I loved this. :) It was written really well and I enjoyed every chapter better than the last. I'm a music freak, so you comparing her life to the song she was playing was amazing for me. Please update soon! :D


over 5 years ago Brianna Drummond said:

I just read a bit, but I love the fact that you are choosing to write about a blind girl. Emotions are real and strong. Good work



over 5 years ago RicochetRay said:

From what I've read, I really love this story. It really draws me in and, except for when I went to watch a movie, I really wanted to push on and keep reading it. The characters are very interesting and the story of it is fantastic. I have to say, in the later chapters I loved how you included "love is blind", I'm also writing a story with a bit of that theme, so I liked seeing that in this story. c:

As far as improvement goes, I have a few suggestions. First of all, when you're doing a time skip, try to avoid *5 months later* and write instead something like "Five months later, I went to the amusement park" or something. In the chapter where they learned about bullying (3rd grade maybe?) I feel like you should take out the colon and put on a semi-colon since colons are used to make lists. In chapter five, one sentence contains the phase "Then, that day before I left for school (which I now rode the bus, since I was mature enough)", the "which" seems unnecessary and awkward, it doesn't really make much sense so you may want to consider taking that out. And in chapter eight, when he told her it's not possible, "too" should be "to", also you missed a quotation mark at the end.

But as far as the story goes, it was fantastic. Keep up the good work. c:


over 5 years ago Lucy Marie said:

This is really well written and looks like it's going to be a really sweet story. I liked the main character instantly and then when I realised she was blind, she had my sympathy and I liked her even more. She seems strong and someone you would like reading about. A story you want to hear. The way you have used the flashbacks is really effective and I liked the way you started it too. The only thing I noticed in this was on the first chapter the sentence near the end seems a little like a run-on. I think it's okay myself, but I used to get moaned at a lot for doing it lol. I'm definitely hearting this piece!