Twelve Chimes

Twelve Chimes

1 chapter / 1074 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Rated T/M for disturbing situations.

"Twelve Chimes" is the first in a two-part short story serial called "The Midnight Sequence."

Every night, at midnight, red-eyed, fanged beasts haunt a dark town and hunt for human prey. A lonely man, whose family had been finished off the night before, roams the empty streets in the final hour before midnight, certain that tonight will be his very last. Runner-up in the Zelda Universe Forums October 2009 Writing Contest.


Tangled rock style gimped

over 6 years ago A.K.Adams said:

WoW. This is SOOO well written!! I mean the tension and the drama and the irony is mixed so well together that I was completely hooked! Very Very good job! I love your writing style :)


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