Trust Fall

Trust Fall

5 chapters / 1116 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


Rated T for peril and mild language.

Maddy Morain did not ask to be the sole survivor of a deadly attack on the cargo ship Eurylochus. Now crash-landed and stranded on the alien planet Ranxilon, she feels lost and alone. She is greeted by a Ranxi police officer pointing a weapon at her. So when Maddy begins to feel hopeless about getting off of Ranxilon, she turns to the only Ranxi she knows, Officer Rell, for help. Unfortunately for her, Rell had been the leader of the attack on the Eurylochus. So can he really be trusted? "Trust Fall" is a beautiful blend of the science fiction and tragedy genres that will take you on an exciting and unique journey.



over 6 years ago PretendLikeI'mNotHere said:

I'm depressed....... it only let me read the last chapter in which SHE PRACTICALLY DIES! Now what??? That can't be it! I mean isn't this the part where Rell charges in and rescues her valiantly, and they have this big epic battle scene with some intense twist, landing them in the clutches of some other evil overlord of some sort?? I mean seriously, if that doesn't happen, something better, because not only does THE END kind of piss me off at the supposive end of stories, so does the fact that the main character (which is a female who should rise to the top! I mean Garth Nix does that with almost all of his female characters!) just gives up! OKay, yeah, she is scheduled to be killed and all that crap, but something needs to spark inside her that makes the reader want her to stay alive. Please, from the deepest, depths of my heart, write more!


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