A Future Lost

A Future Lost

1 chapter / 313 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Rated T for disturbing situations.

“A Future Lost” is a short story that I had originally written for the Zelda Universe Forums’ “Poetry and Originals” forum. I came up with an idea and built upon it. The idea was a boy stuck on a moon. This was clearly vague, and I also clearly used this idea to make something much bigger. I made this story up as I wrote it, which is something that I nearly always do for my short stories but not my novels. The finished product freaked me out; I couldn’t believe how subjective a short story I had crafted. It was so brilliant, yet so simple: I had made a short story that gives the reader minimal detail on events leading up to Caleb’s---the main character---conflict. It is the job of the reader to take the details---much like a detective---and mold them into the cause of Caleb’s misfortune. Tragic, sad, mysterious, and maybe even a little creepy, “A Future Lost” causes readers to not just read the story, but to analyze it as well.

Featured in the Zelda Universe Writing Showcase from March 2009 through January 2011, when the Showcase was closed and removed.



over 6 years ago Candle Parker said:

breath taking...I love it


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