Found It

Found It

1 chapter / 72 words

Approximately half a minute to read


Writing, Horror, Poetry



over 5 years ago Jungle Moose said:

I like it, very creeper, very clever at the end, very interesting. Well done this is awesome.

I am glad you took some of Stonia's advice but I do think the flow still needs sorting out somewhat.


over 5 years ago Franchesca Bodnar said:

very nice! i love the ending!


over 5 years ago Cari Adel said:

Hey, I like this. I like the last line especially, and how you described the words as "rotting away". Good job, and good luck in the contest!


over 5 years ago Chance said:

Hey I'm the one with the drug dealer entry for Killer Flash, you said to come check out your poem so I did, and I loved it. very Well written,you did an amazing job.



over 4 years ago Tryptichyrio said:

For the very first time, I am almost speechless. All I can say is that we all have that body in the backyard. Or two, of ten, or thirty; the really stack up don't they. Like a house of cards, one building up after another.


over 5 years ago Victoria March said:

Ahhh! That was great! Loved the imagery, it was amazing!