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This is a poem I just wrote, about someone who called me normal. As is evident, it pissed me off. Here is the product of my frustration. Enjoy.


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about 5 years ago Dragons and Dragonflies said:

I absolutely hate it when people say I'm normal! Thank you for saying what I wish everyone believed.


over 5 years ago Calli said:

This poem is kind of inverted in a way because most of these kind are about people calling them weird, but youu expressed just the opposite.

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almost 6 years ago √Čirinn said:

I LOVE this. I'll tell you one thing--if this is the outside and if I can judge the rest of your writing by this, then I'm REALLY impressed, and I will be reading more! This is SO fabulous. There is no such thing as "normal."


over 6 years ago MJenkins said:

I really like line 2/3. :)



almost 6 years ago Jessica Patch Millar said:

truelly amazing. it expresses the inner you the place that not many see. i am the same i am know by many as innocent but thats the outer shell that hides the friving twisted girl in side due to how i grew up.


over 6 years ago Joy Amore said:

Great job capturing the question "Define normal" and elaborating and writing on it. This was a cute poem and I loved how you accepted that you might be different, but you didn't care.