Les Mademoiselles de Paris

Les Mademoiselles de Paris

1 chapter / 1028 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


Four Parisian socialites. Loud, happy and perfect are what people see. But there's a lot of chaos right now. After Ève's husband dies, the people accuse her of murdering him for his money. In an attempt to clear her name even though the police have already proven her innocent, the worst has yet to happen. Bombs will be dropped. Scandals will erupt. Geneviève, Ève, Ange and Dominique are in for a ride...


Writing, Drama, Novel



over 3 years ago Nicole Lambert said:

What drew me in was the french title (I


over 3 years ago Kayleigh F. said:

I loved this! (:


over 3 years ago 3 said:

Wow! Very honest, not sugarcoated at all. I loved it!


over 3 years ago Jay Bird said:

I LOVE LOVE THE BEGINNING!!! wow :) Im am going to follow you because i love your work im not asking for a follow back i just wanted to let you know. Your amazing at this!! Keep writing:)


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