Give it a rest

Give it a rest

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Hey guys. I'm an aspiring song writer. I really want the guys of One Direction to see this. If you like it, please re-tweet it to them. Much Love :)


Writing, Poetry



over 5 years ago Olivia D. Knight said:

I tweeted it with the hashtag #OneDirection....


over 5 years ago agww said:

i really love this although i would like to know the tune but i like the message and can really feel it great job!


over 5 years ago Emily Simas said:

I'm a guitar Player and I play drums. Do you have a tune to this?


over 5 years ago Elizabeth Wayne said:

Excuse me while I grab my hankie! *wipes away tears* This was magnificent, pure and true and very real. I can feel the emotion rooted into it and the truth that it holds! Go for your dream! I think you could make it far! I smell a new hit single! Call me, I can be your manager! ;)


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