How to Pretend to Be Famous

How to Pretend to Be Famous

5 chapters / 5867 words

Approximately 29 minutes to read


My goal for this piece is to reach 50 hearts. Please, please, please read. I understand that it's long, and you don't have to read all of it. Any reviews or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Rachel is a typical nobody. But she's a nobody with talent. And when a case of mistaken identity hands her the key to her biggest dream... Well, what kind of person would say no to that?


Comedy, Drama, Romance



about 5 years ago XXXbvbZZZ said:

This is great! I loved it and can't wait for more

Okc thunder

about 5 years ago Jericha White said:

Nice. I love this! You should write more stories like this.


over 5 years ago Kendall Meanings said:

HAHAH like the drag queen you took your picture with at Disney? XD


over 5 years ago Kendall Meanings said:

True love



over 5 years ago Kira Gould said:

Oh, my god. Why the hell havent you beeen published yet? I couldnt believe how amazigng this book is, the adverbs, adjectives. I loce it!


over 5 years ago m said:

Vary the word choice a bit, your tone seems to change a bit from chapter one to chapter two. You had a nice introduction. Well written.