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Hey guys. This is a new song I'm working on. I'm an aspiring song writer and you're your feedback means the world to me. I really want the guys of One Direction to see it. If you like it, please re-tweet it to them. Much Love :)


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over 2 years ago Elizabeth LaMotte said:

Beautiful. I would love to hear this in song form!

Riptide p pic

about 3 years ago Raven ☯ said:

Wow, I love this.


about 3 years ago Dougie Dougster said:

Go to the record company ASAP!!! This is amazing, well done, beautiful really professional!


about 3 years ago SarahHaley said:

This is really good, you should definetly make a tune for it. Do you play any instruments?



about 3 years ago Colleen Dorothy Marie O'Reilly said:

There was a lot of emotion in this and you expressed it well!

The flow sounded natural and smooth.

I think the length of it was perfect. It didn’t need to be any longer and certainly not any shorter.

I liked this because it was something that people can relate to. Good job, keep it up!