A Pureblood Kingdom

A Pureblood Kingdom

16 chapters / 10557 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Mayumi Nakamura and Lila Himikari are are seemingly ordinary teenagers, but little do they know the greater forces at play and the roles they have in the Pureblood Kingdom and beyond. Only courage and strength can get them through their challenges as they discover more about the Pureblood Kingdom and in turn themselves. In this new world, imagination reigns.
I always strive to improve my writing, so I appreciate any insightful comments and critiques you can offer. Thank you!


Romance, Novel, Fantasy



about 5 years ago c said:

Hearted! If you would like to swap please read/heart my story “Ella and Sam were here.” Thanks!


over 5 years ago Fritz said:

I'm sorry I only read the first paragraph, but It pulled me in right away. Liked it :)


about 6 years ago MelWrites845 said:

I didn't get a chance to read it all but from what I did, I loved:D It's a great idea! And you are a great writer!! Well done!


about 6 years ago Kaitlyn Sherrill said:

Nice job! I mean, truly. There was a little mystery and definite fantasy. But I must say... I loved the bit with Ace-- his personality was arrogant, but somewhat mysterious at the same time. Nice job!



about 5 years ago ❤Alex❤ said:

I love it. I love the idea and the charters >.< to be honest though you lost me a couple of times with the time laps and would've loved to have seen how thier relation had developed in that "missing year"…(but thats all I have to complain about). Other then that i think it's a really interesting story. XD


about 6 years ago Jordan Dewar said:

This is great! The characters are interesting and so is the plot. The pacing is a little confusing, though, and some of the formatting as well, but other than that I love it! :)