Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

6 chapters / 18371 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


Katie has always been a brilliant student, on the fast track to law school. Turning down her early admission to university, she returns to complete her senior year of high school. While her friends and family see her decision as resume building, Katie is just delaying heading off into the real world. On the outside she seems to have it all together, but on the inside, she is lost.

Mauricio is a Spanish exchange student who joins Katie for the senior year. With him she starts to find who she really is. Although, Mauricio is just as lost as Katie. This touching, coming-of-age story follows Katie down the winding path of life as she grows along with the trees she adores.

"He was the reason. Somehow, he took me from this shy nerdy kid, to a slightly less shy nerdy kid.... In my own head anyway. He gave me confidence. He gave me humour. He gave me acceptance. He had become my everything. And I swear, he gave me this sun. He just warmed the earth by being on it.

"He was really the reason for the smile on my face. I knew that, but it was only something we could share, for now. My parents were a whole other story.

"For now, there is warmth."


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over 5 years ago Blank said:

Oh you write with such great imagery!!! This was pretty good, there was an access code for the last chapter though (BOO) anyways I like your character, and the realness that you create, I'm not good with writing "real" situations, but you do it very well. Also, I like Mauricio. The name I mean (; haha Thanks for the swap!



over 5 years ago Meghan Williams said:

Aww, this is really nice. I love how she keep talking about trees and how she is trying to find herself. You should go over it though, because I saw a few typos. I also think you should start a new paragraph every time a person talks because when they are all together it gets kind of confusing. All in all, this is very good and very sweet. I find myself loving every person in here, especially Katie! I can't wait to read more.