The Serving Wench

The Serving Wench

3 chapters / 1045 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


October Skye was known as "The Serving Wench"- what kids at her school called her, since she worked almost 24/7 at her family's restaurant. While she works for tips to save up for her dream college, Juilliard, she practices at home her favorite pastime: singing.
When October gets the opportunity to come to Hollywood to meet her idol, she more than jumps for the chance. The Serving Wench is coming to Hollywood, and the world better be prepared, because she isn't going away.
A small-town girl from Pinson, Alabama is ready to make it big: and no one is going to get in the way.


Adventure, Drama, Novel



over 5 years ago Serena Riku said:

Real good! tell me when your finishing it!


over 5 years ago Audrey Burne said:

Third chapter locked?! Come on! yeah, I'm enjoying this. I could almost relate to October the way the people are treating her. Care to let me know when you come out with the next chapter?


over 5 years ago FD said:

I like it! The character development is good and it sounds like you are writing from (to an extent) experience in small town living and teenage living in general. It adds to your writing for sure! The only thing which threw me off was that you were making the narrator (who I assume is omnicient)almost a character. "The lead of this story...." Things like this make it seem like at some point this narrator will be revield as a char. If this happens then I will go from 6 to 12, but if it doesnt it just makes the writing a little harder to follow. Keep on writing! If you wanna read my start at a novel check out my page. Thanks!


over 5 years ago Haley Randolph said:

I love this!



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