Connections Over Chemo

Connections Over Chemo

3 chapters / 3532 words

Approximately 18 minutes to read


Ariel and Noah first meet in a hospital parking lot. Noah almost hits her with his car. Ariel wanted him to. Forced to visit Ariel in the hospital to apologize, Noah starts to realize that there's more to the connections they share over chemo. Maybe someday they'll be over coffee instead.


Drama, Romance, Novel



over 4 years ago Desiree Rain said:

This isn't a joke, I've come back to this story several times through out the course of the year and I am still waiting for more! I am sucker for this type of romance! Sorry this comment is all I've got, I already hearted and reacted to it a year ago :)


over 5 years ago Ash S.H. said:

This is amazing :D I really love it. Soooo sad! I really need you to contninue :) Ugh! But I don't like British people (no offense), especially not the ones from ANTM!!!! Grr... haha.. Sorry, I'm just gonna picture her how I did in my head... But lemme know when you continue :D


over 5 years ago Gwen I. said:

Aww I love this! It's not done yet, right? Pleasepleaseplease tell me when you update!!


over 5 years ago Anna Moklyak said:

I really like it, its sweet and sad and emotinal



about 4 years ago Desiree Rain said:

Hey, hey, hey. I have no joke, been checking this story every month or two and I was wondering if you had any plans of updating????? :(


over 5 years ago whiterose said:

Just browsing - I really like this beginning! I think you've got a great start here, something that makes people want to keep reading just for the sake of how sweet the story and their budding friendship - maybe something more - is. I do have a couple thoughts though: How old is Noah? His doctor father doesn't seem too concerned about his smoking, so I assume he's an adult? But then romance can't happen, so that's kind of a downer. And I felt like Noah was a touch too comfortable with his thoughts and feelings. Like, he's part rebel with his partying and smoking and leather jacket, but he also speaks reaaaaally clearly with Ariel and just tells her exactly what he's thinking and feeling - and she does the same. I would think that might be hard for him to do, and startling to receive from her. She might think she has nothing to lose, but I picture it being harder for him. Those are just my opinions though, you can feel free to ignore them. I do love the story and I think you should continue it, it's got great potential!