1 chapter / 677 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


*Published in Lucky Excentrique's Quirk of Simplicity anthology Vol. 1, June 2012!

A young woman's dignity and grace in the face of death results in the virulent disease falling in love with her and leaving her system forever. Cover image of the tuberculosis bacteria.




almost 4 years ago Hannah Sproch said:

Holy crap. That was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I have no idea what else to say.


almost 5 years ago Emma Tappe said:

This was amazing!!


about 5 years ago Hana Lee said:

[swap for The Sorority Code] This actually gave me shivers. Such a fantastically unique concept; I had my doubts, but you most definitely delivered. The ending line was the best. Great work and, whatever you do, don't stop writing :)


about 5 years ago Courttessa said:

This is sooo amazing and sad. I love how you gave the disease a voice and emotions. Great job!


Gutiar and rose

about 5 years ago Sabrina said:

This is one of those ideas that I am like... How in the world did you come up with something so unique and amazing (like the Hunger Games for instance). I loved this so much. I thought that it was great and I really like the way that you choose to describe things. I really really like your writing. Amazing job! Keep writing! :) - Sabrina


about 5 years ago Cassie Rose said:

This is was a fantastic idea! I don't even know how you came up with the idea for this! I was immediately drawn in by reading your description, and then, when I started the story,I literally couldn't stop reading until the end. The way you characterized the disease was pure genius, and you did it so well. I especially loved how you described what it sounded like for the disease inside her while everyone talked to her. It's weird to say this, but it made me feel present in the story. You did a great job on this, truly! It was ana amazing piece!