Paper Dandelions

Paper Dandelions

2 chapters / 352 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


In the year 2135 a group of scientists find a formula to keep you whatever age you are when you first take the potion if you stay in a special enviroment. In this future, animals and toys are living beings, and so the scientists decide to test on the animals too. The scientists, dubbing themselves "The Saviors" build facility's which borders are the set off for the potions, anyone who stays within them are in a way, immortal. The Saviors start kidnapping kids and animals and putting them in facility's, using the toys to keep the kids entertained. Harley and Griffin, brother and sister, are kidnapped at age nine, but they manage to make their way out with the help of a black cat named Snowfire and a toad named Poppy. Five years later The Saviors destroy society, and Harley, Griffin, Poppy, and Snowfire are sent back to stop The Saviors from discovering the formula in the first place. But the time machine malfunctions and they are spit out when the facility is already up and running, they lose connection with the future, and now they are on their own in a world they know almost nothing of, and The Saviors are doing anything they can to destroy them, and the past selves. In the past however, their names are different, often causing a lot of trouble for the scientists. But can Holly, Harley, Griffin, Griffith, Snowfire, Starfire, Poppy, and Pippin make it out alive?


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over 5 years ago Jazmine Murphy said:

intense. but it moved little fast.


over 5 years ago Alice Liddell said:

Ooh, this is very intresting. Nice job:D


over 5 years ago Beth said:

Wow! This is intense indeed. I've only read the first chapter so far, but I really like it! And I didn't see that coming. My only bit of critique is that you ought to change "ladies" to "lady's". The voice belongs to the lady does it not? :) Good job!


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