Rodney and the Gonjii

Rodney and the Gonjii

3 chapters / 6130 words

Approximately 31 minutes to read


Sometimes the only thing worse than being afraid is facing your fears.

NOTE: For those who have started reading this, I have pulled down the chapters and will return them when they have been edited. Thanks for support!



about 5 years ago Jessica Nielsen said:

i only read the first chapter (so far) but I think the world you created was really origional and i love the story so far


over 5 years ago Not Applicable said:

I read the first couple chapters, but I want to come back to it when I have time, because I really liked it :) I actaully only meant to read chapter 1, but it sucked me in to read chapter 2 before I knew it :O Great work!

Western assassin

over 5 years ago Christopher Mynheir said:

I've only read Chapter 1 so far, but I am really enjoying it! You've managed to make every character distinct and personable. I love it!

Mel fish

over 5 years ago Melanie Gross said:

This was really good. I loved the character descriptions and personalities. The detail describing the setting was great as well. keep up the good work, I really liked this!


Western assassin

over 5 years ago Christopher Mynheir said:

I must say; I am very impressed! This story from Chapter 1 has been filled with wonder and a child-like excitement. Rodney, Harold, Cedric…all of the characters that you’ve created are distinct and defined, and I can see their growth and development in every chapter. The fantasy elements are added very nicely and fit well, but I did feel that those same elements could use some further explanation. I feel like you plan on writing more about this, creating an entire world, but I could be mistaken. All that aside, this was an incredible read! I enjoyed every word!

Gutiar and rose

over 5 years ago Sabrina said:

I was only able to read chapter 1 but so far i am very intrigued and I am going to try and read more. The only thing is it seems like the whole paranormal thing was just thrown in there at the last minute and there wasn't any clues that they weren't human. Anyway, so far great job.