In the field...

In the field...

1 chapter / 954 words

Approximately 5 minutes to read


so i placed 6th in the contest so thanks for all the hearts in the contest :) Ruth ran away and fell in love. With a field. When a strange boy comes around her field she feels confuzed and then learns that her true love has secrets.



over 5 years ago E. Pauline said:

this is so good! Nice job!

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over 5 years ago Autumn Owens said:

Wow I love it! You're description is so beautiful, and the story really drags you in! Please write more ;) *hearted! -Autumn


over 5 years ago Ida B. said:

Well written and quite chilling, I loved every word! Your detail was great and there was much mystery that added to the piece. Well done!

Avonlea cliffs

over 5 years ago AvonleaWriter said:

That was really creepy! And great description!



over 5 years ago Michelle Le. said:

Excellent writing! This is worth the read. I enjoyed how the author described Ruth through her surroundings and you could sense the emotion. The fact that the boy had no emotion when they were speaking made it even better. Loves the story. Very interesting.


over 5 years ago Courtney Luksa-Bond said:

Very well written, it grabbed me. Usually when I read one shots, I'm left wanting in a bad way feeling like that I just wasted my time, that nothing has been said, yet yours I wanted moremoremoremore!!!!! Only thing, it he dialogue of both Ruth and the boy, neither are consistent, or natural. Even though you sy ruth is socially awkward and possibly autistic, it wasn't consitstant to that personality types.

Other then that, it was great. Write a full story!!