What are Friends for?

What are Friends for?

1 chapter / 514 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


*WARNING! THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS*Sarah is heartbroken and only has one person to turn to for advice ... her best friend! But are friends always the people to turn to for advice?
For the BorrowingAbbyGrace Contest! please enjoy and heart!
Thanks to Gracie Klein for the fantastic cover!



almost 4 years ago Jo said:

Wow. This is really good, I can feel the emotion. It's real, it's raw. I love it. I think it has potential for more... Like you could make it into a longer short story now that the contest is over. I really like it :D

Congrats on home page! :D (1.30.14)


over 5 years ago AW Science Geek said:

Swap for The Eyes Meant to Drown Me.

This was really good! i like the emotions you gave us, and everything was clear and well-written! Hearted!


over 5 years ago Kaitlyn Elizabeth said:

Wow, this is a really nice contest entry! The words are so well chosen and everything flows nicely. Great job.


over 5 years ago Thea said:

I really like this. It is a good start. Your writing is fluent and enjoyable, and the characters are relatable. The only thing I would suggest is to begin the story at the inciting incident, or at least some sort of action. This draws the reader in and catches there attention. Overall, great job. :)



over 5 years ago Kandeeisnotbeingatroll. said:

[I write honest reviews, and anything I say shoudnt be taken to heart only used to improve your writting] ^That is somthing I let everyone know before I write a review; Ok so lets start. It was ok... I think I wansnt fully satisfied with it because it is not complete; Add more and let me know. I think the story has potential; and you know what I think?? I think that Abby is going to betray her 0_0


over 5 years ago Jaelee said:

This was cute, but not really what I was expecting from your description, mostly for the "But are friends always the people to turn to for advice?" line. I expected there to be a twist with Abby giving bad advice, or being the one Trent was cheating with. Also, you should just use the word or change it to something else like "idiot" or "loser" or something.

Otherwise this was cute and I got what was going on. Abby was really bubbly and sweet. However, it feels unfinished to me. Maybe because I was still expecting more, but I think you could definitely lengthen this easily. And I think it also has to do with the fact that Sarah doesn't seem that heartbroken to me. Maybe have her look around the room and remember things about Trent? Delve deeper into their relationship. How long were they together, how old are they? I assume high school seniors or juniors but I may be wrong.

Whatever you decide, good luck and happy writing! :)