Gone Just Like That

Gone Just Like That

1 chapter / 100 words

Approximately half a minute to read


My contest entry for First Loves, First Kisses, First Deaths contest. I hope you like it! Exactly 100 words!



over 5 years ago Erin said:

sad, but sounds good :)


over 5 years ago Jay Bird said:

AWE:( That was heartbreaking, and the only thing i found wrong was the fact that you didnt seperate the phone call line with What could have happened? he's dead? Great story, and thoughts:)


over 5 years ago The Awesome Amazing Jamie <3 said:


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over 5 years ago Kendra Gillett said:

Mine wouldn't let me read the whole thing :( I really like it though



over 5 years ago Erin said:

I really liked this. It was short, but very descriptive.

Rachael 01

over 5 years ago R. E. Durbin said:

Let me just say, for a story with only 100 words, it was intense. You got a lot of feeling into a just a few words (something not ever writer can do). Good job!

I would have liked more, but I understand that contests only allow you a certain amount of words.

I especially thought that one line about her body being alive but her heart dead was nothing short of brilliant!

Please keep up the good writing. Thank you for alerting me to this, I enjoyed it (well, enjoyed it as much as one could while reading something so sad).