If Only You Asked

If Only You Asked

1 chapter / 163 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


A conversation that should take place, but never will.


Drama, Romance, Poetry



over 5 years ago abbey anne said:

I adore this. Its right to the point, and a deep touch to the heart.

Yin and yang!!!!snake form...hehehe

over 5 years ago Q. E. Danger said:

*cries* Now I feel sad :'(


over 5 years ago Kendra Gauge said:

Holy... Why do I feel like I'm actually about to cry? Like, no joke... I never cry at writing. This is beautifully structured.

From what I've read so far, you really do have a future as a sucessful author, you really dragged me in right from the start, and held me throughout.


over 5 years ago no pain no mane said:

Aw, wow. This true? With that boy-whose-your-best-friend-but-you-like-eachother? o.O Answer me gal. *shakes Amy violently* Answer me!



almost 5 years ago Wolf said:

I loved it. It was sad and touching


over 5 years ago Kandeeisnotbeingatroll. said:

That was sad. Simple, Sad and short :/ I like how you structured it