Lewis and Clark: The Spanish Frontier

Lewis and Clark: The Spanish Frontier

1 chapter / 1199 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


A lighthearted addition to the trapped contest. Inspired by a real Louis! The cover was made by Kary L. Anyway, thanks for reading, and please leave an honest heart/comment/review!



almost 7 years ago Janelle Labelle said:

cute premise, i like the reworking of a tired old story into something different. a few moments jarred, though: when Clark is frustrated and swearing about being stuck inside, she says "um." um doesn't feel like a yelling-word to me, and so it made her anger seem contrived. also, when Lewis is waking at the beginning, the unexplained switch from first to third person is a little clunky - it makes me aware that i'm reading, and i like to be as forgetful of that as possible! good luck in the contest :).


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