Never Grow Up

Never Grow Up

1 chapter / 2284 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


So this is a brand new story I am working on. The first chapter starts off in the past when my characters (Callie and Mason) are ages 7 and 9. Future chapters will show there lives currently. It's a growing romance between the two but I have only written one chapter so far so we will see where it goes.


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almost 4 years ago V.E. Brooke said:

Really cute story :) Definitely continue on with it!

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almost 4 years ago Shammi said:

This is too adorable!! I suggest you to write more! And if possible can you check out my poem, Looking into Your Eyes? Thank you (:


almost 4 years ago FoREvEr said:

That is so cute. Eagerly waiting for the next chapter. :)


almost 4 years ago Jo said:

Awh!!! Omg! That was so cute! Continue?

And congrats on homepage! (2.9.14)


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almost 4 years ago priya123 said:

It's really sweet, and there weren't many spelling error, though you were missing a few commas and you also had a few run-on sentences. Otherwise it's a cute start to a what I hope's going to be a really good story. Kind of makes me think of the type of 'untouchable' love stories where they can only meet up in the woods, like Romeo and Juliet, you know? Four stars out of five in my opinion. :) It just needs a little bit of magic, like something to put it over the top, I don't know what, but if you can write this, you can write anything.

over 5 years ago Kritika said:

This is an adorable start to the story, and I'd definitely want to read more about Callie and Mason as teenagers/adults. I noticed that in general you were missing a lot of commas, especially in the dialogue (For example: "Come on Callie, don't be such a girl," and "his attempts weren't working, though,"). A couple of sentences were really long, which got a bit confusing. Just look over this quickly and add in the commas/split up the super long sentences.