If You Could

If You Could

4 chapters / 3933 words

Approximately 20 minutes to read


"Hi, I’m Lucy. I was out running one day. Then I got pushed off a balcony and caught by an angel.
Guardian angels really do exist. I just happened to fall in love with one - one that I was going to end up falling in love with later anyway."
Lucy and Nick weren't supposed to meet until AFTER Nick lost his wings like every guardian. Angels are intoxicating. One kiss and you're bound for life. Literally.
After Nick saves her, Lucy kisses him. One innocent, accident kiss. But that only further complicated things. Nick and Lucy are then forced to see each other every day, relive another kiss, until he loses his wings. If not, Lucy dies. But if the Fates find that Nick exposed his secret, not only will Lucy's future, love and happiness be ripped from her, but Nick's life will hang in the balance.
So, for the sake of true love, and both of their well beings, will they find a way to keep their little relationship under wraps?


Drama, Fantasy, Romance



over 4 years ago NebulaStars said:

Wow, this was beautiful! I love stories about angels, but this is so original and unique. I really hope you continue this because I can't wait to read more!!


almost 5 years ago Envira said:

please continue! amazing so far!


about 5 years ago Angelica said:



over 5 years ago Jessica Sproat said:

Care to finish this?



over 5 years ago danielle n.f. said:

Amazing detail! You are a talented writer. I loved the way you described his wings, so much more descriptive than just soft and warm. Also, you do a great job explaining and showing her emotions. I jut love this! Hope to read more!


over 5 years ago Anna Briar said:

Fantastic! Your wording is fabulous and though I did spot a few typos here and there they were nothing major and didn't take away from the magic of the story in the least. I loved your description of the piers and the water. I can see them. Every summer my family used to visit my mom's old home In Alabama and the small house where she lived was barely a block from the gulf's huge and beautiful piers. I loved it there. This brings back memories.