Cinnamon Locket: Key to the Locket

Cinnamon Locket: Key to the Locket

5 chapters / 7474 words

Approximately 37 minutes to read


No normal and sane parent in their right mind would name their only children Vermillion and Cinnamon. Except Mr and Mrs Locket were not normal. They were certainly sane and in their right minds as they named their oldest daughter Vermillion when she was born, and equally so a year later as they filled out Cinnamon’s birth papers.

All her life Cinna has harboured a faint animosity toward her name. Verma’s name is a pretty and vibrant red colour, and hers is a common spice used in cooking. Vermillion even suits her older sister perfectly; she is the unique one and the centre of attention everywhere. Whereas Cinnamon is downright strange, a social hermit, draws weird stares from others whenever she introduces herself, and is always associated with Vermillion Locket despite her desire not to be.

And because of all this, Cinna has not let anyone into her heart for years.

Moving from Melbourne in Australia to Oregon in America is the biggest change to occur in Cinna’s life. Maybe now she will be able to create an individual persona from Verma because of starting again in a new place?


Writing, Comedy, Novel



over 5 years ago Lorrianne Austerford said:

This is one of my entries for this year's Watty Awards on Wattpad nya. I'm posting it here because I wanted to nya...



over 5 years ago Lorrianne Austerford said:

(-temporarily dropping the 'nya's.-)

I wasn't sure how this story would turn out when I first began and I'm still not sure since it's ongoing right now, but I want it to be a story that'd make a BAM! impact in people's minds. It's kind of boring in my opinion, but there's not much I can do at the moment. It may become more interesting later--at least I hope it does!

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