Rain Must Fall

Rain Must Fall

9 chapters / 3108 words

Approximately 16 minutes to read


Inspired by the line in "Mirror Mirror": "Snow must do what snow does best, fall." I'm not sure if that's the actual line but it's similar to that:

Rain is the first born child and a disgrace to the royal family of Meliva. Her only escape from her parent's cruelty died long ago. Now she must save herself, before it is too late.


Adventure, Fantasy, Drama



over 5 years ago Lainie Peters said:

I really liked this! I think this is a very good start to an interesting story! I really look forward to reading more!

The only thing I have to say that might be negative is that I don't think you need to have the little interuption part. But It's not horrible in there either, so of course, its up to you!

Great start though!!!!!



over 5 years ago Alicia KC said:

The first thing I noticed were some errors: In the first paragraph where you say 'gave no recognition of the man' maybe you should change that to 'did not acknowledge the man', it runs a little smoother. “She took still” (took -> stood [?]) I’ll stop there… But you should really read through this once or twice. There are a number of grammar/spelling/word mistakes.

Otherwise, this story is really interesting! I was kind of sad to see there wasn't more, haha. It's a great beginning to what could be a very intense, crazy fairy tale xD Hopefully, you'll keep going with it! I want to see what happens! Great job~~ Keep writing :D


over 5 years ago Arabia "Another Girl" Knight said:

This, I feel, must be made into a novel. It's fantastic! Please, tell me when you have more in store. Ok? That Rain is daring yet attractive. She is also as stubborn as a mule. And I wonder what that robed man was. Some parts are vague and could use a little touching up but it's amazing!