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What it means to be an introvert. What it means to be yourself. There is only one world, but there are infinite ways of looking at it.


Writing, Memoir, Poetry



over 4 years ago Coldwelth said:

Introvert power!


almost 5 years ago Elizabeth said:

Loved, loved, loved this! Being an introvert myself :)


over 5 years ago Lady Foscari said:

Very, very powerful! And every word is so true...I've experienced all of this myself. I'm an introvert and proud of it. :) Luckily, all of my friends are introverts, too. :) Many of the poems on Figment and forced and choppy, but yours felt so natural and flowed very well. Great job.


over 5 years ago Sarah Barbie said:

This is a perfect explination on an introvert. Couldn't have said it better



over 5 years ago Emily<3 said:

Wow....I am speechless! This is magnificent! I am too an introvert and it describes me perfectly:) Some people think I am just shy and my parents think I am antisocial, but I find the joy in being by myself. I am not alone, I am with myself and my mind. Excellent descriptions and language:D I only saw one mistake where I think you meant world where you said worlds. If I'm wrong, just ignore that;) Gorgeous job!