The Sun's Rising

The Sun's Rising

6 chapters / 19098 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read



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Life has began anew on earth. The Children of the Sun rekindled the fires of life and civilization, creating new civilizations all across the earth. But, the Children of the Sun disappeared, all but one remains.
Albany Redre, is the last of her kind. She travels far and wide, among the newly rekindled earth. On her travels, she finds that an ancient evil is stirring once more and is beginning to reek havoc on the new earth.


Dystopian, Romance, Novel


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over 5 years ago Alyce McKnight said:

The detail was amazing. Although, I wish you would have gone straight into the action instead of putting so much detail in. Other than that, I liked it. =)


over 5 years ago Anna said:

Good job! Loved the description


over 5 years ago Renae Collins said:

i cant read much cause i have to get off in a few minutes......but what i did read i thought was....impossibly amazing! you need to continue this! i havent even read the last couple chapters and i want u 2 continue! the idea is so original and so creative i love it and ur description is beyond vivd! great job!!!



over 5 years ago D.B. Fletcher said:

Wow! This was swell! I really love your descriptive writing and the way you set the scene and play up the imagery. I pictured it so clearly in my head! Keep on writing! I would love to read more! :)