Bad Experience

Bad Experience

1 chapter / 167 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Writing, Poetry



over 6 years ago roro said:

oh wow, you just painted a picture with your words. this is such a well-written poem, and it's so sad! great job!


almost 7 years ago Ashley said:

What an amazingly eloquent piece. It's made of the kind of stuff one reads in a literature book. It flowed like a dark song, with vivid descriptions, amazing literary devices, and an absolute mastery of how to wield the word. I loved it so much I can't put it into words...which is annoying. But splendid for you. I really enjoy your works (:


almost 7 years ago Eman On said:

WOW, that was amazing! really vivid details. It flowed nicely, good job :)


almost 7 years ago Kole DeWinter said:

lucid and lyrical, wonderfully done and also imaginative at that. Keep up the good work!



almost 7 years ago Kendra Rose said:

Am I tainted with contamination?

It seems a little redundant. But still good. It sort of reads like a song, from the way you repeat calling itself a bad experience. All in all, very good


almost 7 years ago Fiona Brianski said:

Very deep. "tainted with contamination" seems kind of iffy to me but the words sound good together.