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Chapter 3:

GAVIN! FINALLY introduced! Gavin makes me reminisce on the fetus Niall Horan! I still to this day LOVE Lexi's personality! And I remember even from the earlier "If I'm Louder", her rush to have to go pee! Haha I think she ends up running into Louis eventually if I remember correctly so I definitely cannot wait for that! Anyways, you are such a great writer and I definitely do believe I should check out your other stories whenever I get the chance :) I'm just so obsessed with One Direction based stories it's just so hard to pull away!

They are an addiction!



over 2 years ago Moriah said:

Chapter 2:

The LOST ending got me all crazed up too!! The ending was like, what the?? Although, Desmond somehow has my heart.


I love how you described each of the judges in this chapter and I love their descriptions on Lexi's performance. It makes it more realistic when there is criticism so definitely bravo to that! I can't wait to get to the part where she meets Niall. Also, I love Lexi. Definitely enjoy reading about her.

Also, Global Voice is such a genius title for a singing competition show, I love it!