Love is Love

Love is Love

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This is a poem that I wrote in my writing class about gay marriage, and calling people to action
~Cover by: Farin L.~


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over 4 years ago Oakley Skythief said:

Wow, nice job with this :) it's a very strong poem!!!


almost 5 years ago Adam Rollins said:

I think it was a very interesting hybrid of poem and information, pretty unique. While I can't say that I agree with the views mentioned in the poem, I can say that it was very interesting. So hearted for the hybridization.

I'd appreciate you attention on my story "Beyond Here Lies Monsters". If you like it, I'd appreciate a heart and a comment! If you don't, I'd appreciate a scathing review! However, if you choose not to, that is fine as well, but I'd certainly appreciate it if you did!


almost 5 years ago Kayla Sanchez said:

I liked the first half of the poem, before the prose, but the second half was a bit "in-your-face" with your views. The first half respectfully presented an opinion, whereas the second was a bit more harsh. I'm not a supporter of gay marriage, but I do agree that, based on the Constitution, it is a right that should be allowed, based on equality.


almost 5 years ago Jennifer Hu said:

This is beautifully written and heart wrenching, but I am afraid I don't agree with your views. :( This is nothing against you personally, but truthfully I loved your poem. Nice job and your efforts should be commended. :)


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