Broken Glass: A Twisted Fairy Tale

Broken Glass: A Twisted Fairy Tale

1 chapter / 705 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


100 hearts! When Cinderella's stepmother turns on her own daughters, they must flee to save themselves. For the Springsweet contest.

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over 5 years ago Beautifully Broken said:

Really really really good. Fantastic. I LOVE the twist. You developed the mother really well. Very good descriptions, and I like the character's stubborness and attitude, her decision to no longer bow down to her mother. I hope you do/did well in the contest!


over 5 years ago Sophia Kidwell said:

So good. I could tell what you were getting at, how the mother turned on them. Nice twist to the story!


over 5 years ago Celia R. said:

That was really good and a very clever how you turned the story around. I really liked it. You nailed how you both described and wrote for the mother too. Good job.

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over 5 years ago Elizabeth Albert said:

(for the swap) That was brilliant! It was so so good! I wish there was more. You're really talented! good luck in the contest :D



about 5 years ago Ali Mae said:

I absolutely adored it! Firstly, I must apologize that it has taken me so long to get to this swap, lol. I haven't been on Figment, in what seems like forever. Now onto the review. I love the switch that you gave these classic characters. How Cinderella suddenly becomes mothers favorite and basks in that glory. It isn't something I would picture her to do, and that's why it is so fantastic! However, I would love to see this developed into a full novel. Why did the stepmother suddenly switch to Cinderella, besides your stated reasons of the "Prince and Godmother." What cause Cinderellas shift in character? And more importantly, what happened to Anabel and Isabel after they killed the mother??? Its fantastic work! I hope you expand it


over 5 years ago H.W. Rose said:

This was a great story! I loved it! I saw no spelling or grammar mistakes! However, in my opinion, it could've used some more backstory. It's a good plot and a good idea, twisting the story so the step-sisters are now the slaves and Cinderella is living the wondrous and luxurious life, but, there could've been some more explanation on why the stepmother changed her mind. What made her suddenly choose Cinderella over Anabel and Isabel? That's just something to think about. Great job! You're a great writer!