Like a Dead Leaf

Like a Dead Leaf

2 chapters / 2153 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


(the title is in the brainstorming stage) 15 year old Janice McCall is a girl with hopes and dreams as far as the horizons. But with the burden of living in a foster home deep in the ghetto of Compton, California, one mistake and her dreams could crumble like a dead leaf under a shoe.
With the distraction of the guy of her dreams constantly flirting, building a strong friendship with somebody like her, and avenging her mother's death (no matter how terrible her mom was) her dreams may not come true. Will she be able to leave her hometown and become who she always dreamed of or stay in Compton?
Between The Cracks is a novel that delves into the life of a teenage girl that needs to make a choice that will change her life forever.
I hope you enjoy!
And yes. The title is hilarious! Grow up!


Writing, Romance, Novel


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over 5 years ago Milan . said:

This is interesting! It has a lot of potential, but it needs a bit of editing to get rid of the grammatical errors and unnecessary descriptions. I think it could be a really good story depending on where you choose to take it next!


over 5 years ago Whimsically_Me said:

I really like this story, it seems like it'll be a great story. The description was excellent, the scene in the car was kind of funny, and the end was a surprise that makes me want to read more. I hope you write more! Well done! =D


over 5 years ago XD said:

I really like your idea! I'm not particularly fond of real life situation kind of books but I liked this one and I want to find out why her best friend is possibly with that guy! Keep writing!!! XD

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over 5 years ago Struggler said:

Oh, you need to edit this. -_- Lots of grammar issues. I like the voice of Janice, it was strong! And not a bad beginning and I feel bad for Janice at the end. :/ She really liked him, but he has a gf.



over 5 years ago Courtney said:

This is good. There were some grammar errors in there so I would go back and re-read it and check for those. Other than that, good descriptions and good idea. This is well done so far.


over 5 years ago Jaelee said:

I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. You have spelling and grammar issues (benediction, not benidiction/school, not achool) but your metaphors were good. I'm curious about the relationship between Keri and Andre. I like that Janice was so excited to tell Keri, and then she sees this. And I want to know why Keri didn't tell Janice before. I'm also curious as to what happened to her mom. Overall, it's a good read and different from what I usually read. Good job. :)