Vicious Hunger

Vicious Hunger

1 chapter / 555 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Featured in the October 2013 Teen Ink magazine. Finalist in the sweet evil contest. A story of temptation and a cow.

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about 3 years ago Kason said:

Cows are my favorite animals! Despite this, the story was well made and had me on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was there, watching you brutally mutilate that cow! Great work!


over 3 years ago Amanda Mae Garrett said:

"My heart pumped like a disco beat..." Sorry, I just loved that simile. Anyway, I feel like there was real emotion and thirst in the story, and you conveyed it well. It is a very well written piece.

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over 3 years ago Sam Bailey said:

WOW. I loved this, it was a good story. It was so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!


over 3 years ago Kira Foster said:

Holy crap! This was awesome and a little overwhelming for how much imagery was infused into so little space!! This was great.



over 3 years ago Jon Lessels said:

Hey it's Jon from Maryland, here with your Grandpa. I was reading Lifting Images and on paragraph 5, you spelled it aagainst, but it is against.

Just wanted to let you know :P

JK I don't really actually care, the story was definitely original, I love it.

ANYWAY: Your Grandpa and my Mom both say hi!!!


over 3 years ago Abbey Evans said:

O_O Wow! Very unique.