Vicious Hunger

Vicious Hunger

1 chapter / 555 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Featured in the October 2013 Teen Ink magazine. Finalist in the sweet evil contest. A story of temptation and a cow.

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about 5 years ago Kason said:

Cows are my favorite animals! Despite this, the story was well made and had me on the edge of my seat. I felt like I was there, watching you brutally mutilate that cow! Great work!


over 5 years ago Amanda Mae Garrett said:

"My heart pumped like a disco beat..." Sorry, I just loved that simile. Anyway, I feel like there was real emotion and thirst in the story, and you conveyed it well. It is a very well written piece.

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over 5 years ago Sam Bailey said:

WOW. I loved this, it was a good story. It was so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!


over 5 years ago Kira Foster said:

Holy crap! This was awesome and a little overwhelming for how much imagery was infused into so little space!! This was great.



over 5 years ago Abbey Evans said:

O_O Wow! Very unique.


over 5 years ago arachnidsGrip said:

This was really interesting. You had me thinking that this was going to be yet another really boring vampire story, but it wasn't. The idea was perfect, the subtle suggestions were good. It leaves the reader with some questions: why was he/she chained up? Is somebody running tests on him/her or something? Really interesting, I liked it a lot. There were a few little typos (you wrote drumb instead of drum), but otherwise, the writing style was good, the descriptions were good. Everything was good. Keep writing!