Sweet Temptations

Sweet Temptations

2 chapters / 1469 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read



Maggie "Gi" Talbot hates ice cream. Well, sort of. Gi has been teased about her weight ever since third grade. She has always felt like a giant living in a dollhouse; the only girls surrounding her fitting their size 0 butts into micro-sized shorts. Including her former supermodel mother. Gi decides to take losing weight seriously when her mom suggests she take up plus-size modeling and the agency turns her down because she's, well, too...plus. But after basically starving herself for a few weeks, Gi caves and takes a visit to the local bakery where she meets Jeremy. He's charming, hilarious, and undeniably cute. When he convinces Gi to take a job at the bakery, she can't say no. But it doesn't just mean spending more time with Jeremy, it also means spending more time with food. Jeremy's not the only sweet temptation in this bakery...



almost 5 years ago Mimi Daye said:

I hope you post soon. I love the description.


over 5 years ago Cora Cabezas said:

Wow, it's interesting to read a story like this since mostly you read stories about girls who are at least mostly pretty. It's interesting to read it from this perspective.


over 5 years ago Elena Plotner said:

This was really good and descriptive I absolutley loved it:)


over 5 years ago Shawnybear202 said:

This is really good, well done!



over 5 years ago Katie Clay said:

The subject matter is great. I really like how you detail exactly what an overweight person thinks. That accuracy is really great. And I like where it seems that the story is going. Also, the title is very fitting with the story. Great job so far! Can't wait to read more!

Sailor mini moon

over 5 years ago Ecto said:

Nice job on the details! It's the detail that makes a story good or bad, and this one is definitely one I want to see more of. What happens next? Does Gi get thinner? Does she stay the same? Do Gi and Jeremy go out? Are they friends?