White Bridges

White Bridges

5 chapters / 17232 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


(Work in [slow] progress, so the end is never the end)

It's the eleventh year of the summer tradition, but it doesn't seem so traditional this time. One of them is sick.

Todd, one out of the seven teens that meet every year on their New England beach property, was diagnosed with cancer between summers. Now things have changed, and they all must learn to deal with it. Quickly.

They all try to create a comfortable, familiar environment for each other, but under the surface, the circumstances are utterly unrecognizable.


Writing, Adventure, Drama



about 5 years ago Si Jia said:

SWAP: First chapter

I love it so much! I really enjoyed the plot and it was pretty creative. I didn't see many grammatical issues. Nice tone, style, and diction. Great job and keep it up!


about 5 years ago Monica Tlachac said:

Your descriptions make the scenes come alive. Great job


about 5 years ago Zaina K. said:

I read the first chapter and I'll defiantly be coming back for more. I love how descriptive you are. You brought the entire book to real life


about 5 years ago Karlie Bartlett said:

I love the beginning of this, I'm definitely going to be finishing it. Great job! :)



almost 6 years ago Lauren S. said:

These are my initial reactions while reading it, here they are

Prologue: Wow, that’s all I can say. You really bring the reader in with this- it makes me want to read more and find out what happens to everybody and Todd.

Chapter One: Now I want to know who Todd is, but I love how you are building this up, just dangling Todd in front of us. I love it when authors do that because it makes the meeting with that character so much more worth while. I like the way you have Ree have that habit with the owl pendant, it makes her seem so much realer and the reader can connect with her more. The way you have her confront Adam about dealing with something, I think the boy with the cancer, is amazing. What you have her say is so true (“It’s not easy…”) The way you can switch from character to character is remarkable, and the voice in them is amazing. And the emotions you have in everyone make me feel more connected to them. The emotion you have in everything is just remarkable, and the fight scene great, the emotions are high and the reader can relate to why the characters are fighting, not just for fun or a stupid reason, but for something they believe in. LEI…. NO!!!! Chapter Two: Lei, baby, I love you  Todd, baby…

Chapter Three: What about Lei?!?!?!?!? Oh my gosh, the emotion, so many feels. Wait, why is Lei in the cafeteria, shouldn’t she also be in a bed? The ambulance didn’t pick her up, but shouldn’t she still be getting checked out? She pretty much drowned for peats sake. I loved the flash back, so many feels in one chapter. How did you manage to write this? It’s so perfect

Chapter Four: What… where’s the rest? I need more.


about 5 years ago Karlie Bartlett said:

I really liked this! There was so much emotion and your writing style is great, since you're able to shift it differently for each character, which can be hard to do since there are a couple different ones. I really wish you had made it longer though... It didn't quite end how i expected it to, and so many of my questions were unanswered! I'm not sure if that's how you wanted it to be or not, but AHHH I want more! Awesome job! :)