The Dichotomy Between Survival and Death

The Dichotomy Between Survival and Death

1 chapter / 1385 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


An invasion has taken over the Earth. Only a small group of people remain, each with an individual story and tragedy they are determined to survive. But the invaders have spread a virus to kill everyone and claim the Earth for themselves. When you are almost completely alone what becomes more tolerable? Survival, or death? - cover by Democracy Is No More


Fantasy, Romance, Novel



over 5 years ago arachnidsGrip said:

I really liked this. a couple of grammatical mistakes like 'then' instead of 'than', but really good story. Very nice!


over 5 years ago R. J. Lovelace said:

I like this. It's an excellent story and you have an excellent writing voice. I only think it's paced a little too fast and goes without letting me, as a reader, take a breather.

You have a wonderful story, by the by. (:


over 5 years ago Brooke Fraiz said:

Wow lag this is great! :) I love the way your main character is. His attitudd and personality! Great read for sure! :) nice work!


over 5 years ago Willow J Flynn said:

I think this is good, although you make your main character out to be a bad guy, I don't know if that is intentional or not. Great descriptions, though, and I enjoyed reading it.



over 5 years ago Jadzia Brandli said:

This is a great idea, I wish I could read more. I hate Hannah, I was glad she got what was coming to her, lol. Good ending too. I think you need to be sure to clarify who is speaking and what not, I was a bit confused, there seemed to be a lot of people introduced, I couldn't follow everything that was happening.

Also, in Hannah's dialogue she basically tells the reader the predicament that these kids are in, but it would be more readable and believable if it came out through the writing. That is one thing that bugged me, personally.

Other than a few other grammatical errors and what not, I only noticed that the tense was off at times, be sure to go through and fix those slip ups. They happen.

Loved this. Good job with it. Happy writing!



over 5 years ago Caeruleum said:

First off, Hannah is a jerk. But I'm assuming that's how she's supposed to be. All in all, this was good, but the premise and plot was better than your grammar. I saw a few places as I read that could have used comm as, and at least one spot where you used past tense rather the present. (I didn't think to write it down as I went.)

I was a tiny bit confused in the dialogue between the characters. I though Liam(?) was her brother, but Caiais (I'm sorry I'm sure I spelled that wrong) called her sis? And if you continue on writing this, you might consider giving us better descriptions of the characters as you go. I don't know what anyone looks like. It also seems like you're trying to hard to put in all the background information into Hannah's dialogue, when she is yelling at Ruth. If this is meant to be longer, you might consider adding some of that in later, touching on it as you go.

Like I said before, this was good, it just needs some work!