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I've fallen into the abyss.
┬ęCopyright 2011


Writing, Horror, Poetry



over 4 years ago Nara M. said:

Gorgeous poem. I love how it started and ended with the 'fading like the mist' stanza. Great rhythm, but perhaps accentuate it more with some punctuation where the reader is supposed to pause/stop/etc.


almost 6 years ago C. Smith said:

Ahh this one was really amazing too! You are a great poet. I'm quite jealous really ;) I love all of these a bunch


over 6 years ago Hotaru Rose said:

This was AMAZING! I really, really loved this poem. It was so well written and held a lot of emotion. It was just plain out awsome. If you could look at another one of my poems called, "A Final Goodbye," that would be nice. Once again, you did a GREAT job on this poem.


over 6 years ago roro said:

hey~ this is cuz u dont have a message box, but thanks for ur honest review. i appreciated it!



almost 6 years ago Angel Silena said:

I quite like it. The rhymes that seem to appear draw you in the poem more and make it flow. The rhymes also seem to be in no real particular pattern, yet still in one. It makes you feel a bit "Lost" in the poem. The repetition has a lot of impact and I really like it. "Goodbye, goodbye" and the same style in a certain stanza. The ending was good, though I would have separated it a bit to have the first and last stanza the same. The words don't really 'melt' the way I really like it, but I guess, it shouldn't with this one (since it is a darker poem). Overall, it really shows the emotion well. It is amazing and I am glad that I came across this one. Keep up the good work!