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"The first thing they did to me when I came to Hollywood was bleach my hair blond."

Marilyn Monroe narrates the inside story of an "honorary blonde" and the effect the platinum locks had on her life, loves, and career. A Figment Daily Theme written in Monroe's voice, in honor of her Vanity Fair cover and the upcoming 50th anniversary of her death.

Featured on Figment 2/24/13 in honor of the 85th Academy Awards!

Cover by Princess Solax - Thank you!


Luna estella

over 4 years ago Kaleidoscope Eyes said:

i loved that :)

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over 4 years ago Kendall Clark said:

This was such a cool take on a perspective of Marilyn. Really nice job. Hearted! --Kendall


over 4 years ago Carelen Camero said:

I love this new and interesting perspective you took on M. What a breath of fresh air!


over 4 years ago Bethany Shackleton said:

This is great! Marilyn is an interesting topic to write about and I love the way you centered it around her hair and how her entire life changed because of it. The writing style is so natural, like she's writing a diary. Love it.


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over 4 years ago Madelyn Neal said:

A really cool and interesting take on this! Never really thought that much about her hair. I have to say, this was a great job! Have you ever watched Smash? Just out of curiousity...I think it a show you would love. Great job! And congrats on being featured!

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over 4 years ago Madelyn Neal said: