Letters to Daddy

Letters to Daddy

11 chapters / 1485 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


UNFINSIHED. A HG fanfic, through my version of Finnick's son, Kai's, eyes. It starts out as letters from him to Finnick, and then at the end there's a bit of story if I ever get around to writing that part XP

PLEASE READ WAITING ON FINN :) It's my Mockingjay Fanfic from Annie's perspective and in my opinion it's much better than this one :)



about 5 years ago Rachael said:


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about 5 years ago Lizzyp23 said:

i love what you put. that would have been a perfect ending if suzanne would have written another book.


over 5 years ago Zombie Zoe said:

I couldn't read a few of the chapters, but I could read the rest of them, and it made complete sense. I still really like this story, and I think you ended it perfectly.

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over 5 years ago Madeline Day said:

Aww... this is so sad! I love it though, and I want to keep reading more!!!



over 5 years ago jenica prospero said:

nice ... you minimized the words but it maximized the emotions of the readers.. nice work..


over 5 years ago theoneandonlyjo said:

I totally don't agree with the person below me! :) I think spelling errors are great! What boy these ages spells correctly?! Although, I do think the spellings errors are... the wrong errors. :) Put a few in there, but make them phonetically true... something that sounds like it's right, but it isn't. And the name Kai sounds great... I haven't read the 2nd or 3rd books, so I don't know anything about Finnick or his son. I do like the last idea the writer below me gave-- "I have to, or else I'll be like mom." :) Anyway, loved it!