Story of a girl

Story of a girl

1 chapter / 374 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Here is a story,
it’s a story of a girl,
a girl in love.
But, not with a boy,
Not this time.


Drama, Romance, Poetry


Black bird

almost 5 years ago Aviline said:

I love this, but I am slightly confuzzled. So, the plot is girl-meets-girl-girl-falls-in-love-with-girl-girl-plays-girl-girl-goes-to-best-friend-for-help. Right?


over 5 years ago Alicia KC said:

I really loved this. It shows raw emotion, and the pain of being held back, bound by religion, bound by rules from doing, from being, someone you really are. Amazing poem, really powerful! Great job (:


over 5 years ago thiswonderfulchaos said:

I thought this was amazing. I'm usually a prose person, but I love the ability of poetry to just ooze emotion in so few words.

I feel for her.

I also liked the ambiguity of she/her with respect to the subject and her love interest. It made for some awesome power lines.


A. glenn 7

over 5 years ago A. Glenn said:

Great job on the story, and good topic! =)


Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 6.09.14 pm

over 5 years ago Gold Dust Woman said:

I really liked the lines….

"it's just her Who loves the her That breaks her"

Anyway, this kept my interest from the very beginning. I usually am not fond of free verse, but this really stood out to me. The lack of rhyme and rhythm adds to the broken emotion of the poem. The long length made it seem more like a story told in verse, and I really liked that.

The emotions of this poem were very raw, like they were just pulled from that dark place where thoughts like this hide and spilled out onto the paper.

Also, even though I don't fall into any LGBT categories, it's something I feel strongly about, so I really appreciated reading this. My best guy friend is gay, and I see how much he is judged on a daily basis.

Overall, very well done. :)