The Demon Inside Of Me

The Demon Inside Of Me

1 chapter / 616 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


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over 5 years ago E. Pauline said:

this was so creepy, but so cool in a sad way!


over 5 years ago Artemis Evans said:

Wow. This is ... deep. I love it. The demon is evil but so well portrayed.


over 5 years ago Christina Michelle said:

It is a bit too fast-paced, but since it's for a contest I understand. Good job otherwise! Good luck in the contest :)


over 5 years ago Megan Hepler said:

Oh wow this is really good. I like it and the idea you had going. Good job


Blank book

over 5 years ago Review said:

thats creepy. I agree with shawnybear. This would be more improved if you added some more details. I like the internal battle. you portrayed that well. great job! Keep writing! **Review**


over 5 years ago Ashleigh Jayne said:

This is absolutely amazing. Great descriptions and storylines. I found a couple of grammar mistakes but they didn't affect the story at all :) It was very emotional and intense, and I felt like I understood the characters, which is great. I love this and I wish you good luck in the comp, you deserve it! Great job! ^_^