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Approximately 3 minutes to read


PLEASE HEART (help me reach my ultimate, dream goal of 800) This narrator struggles with self-harm, and is "done forever now. Cross my heart. And hope to die. Well, maybe not the last part."

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almost 5 years ago Ceara said:

this is such an interesting piece!!! I never knew that this is how someone feels in that situation. So insightful!!! Really moving. I wouldn't change a thing. I would love to hear what you have to say about either one of my stories: Snowflake Sorries and Catwalk. Keep up the great work!


about 5 years ago S. McKell Nichols said:

This story is amazing. It is beautifully written and it draws the reader in from sentence one all the way until the very end. To put it bluntly, I loved reading it. Great job. ^_^