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A girl has a touch which, in the world of the living, kills, and, in the world between life and death, brings life.


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over 5 years ago N.V. Melody said:

I really loved the ending! :)


over 5 years ago Celsea Van Diest said:

Oh wow that was extremely powerful and inspiring! Very good description of her undying love and way to go for moving the story along with no dialogue! Very impressed, good job!

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over 5 years ago twinArmageddons said:

This is such a wonderful story! You're great at first person points of view (I suck at them). Great job! Being dropped into the story like that was intersting, but I caught on pretty fast. ^^ Keep it up!


over 5 years ago Norah Tracey said:

VERY GOOD! I loved your detail and desctiptions. Thanks for reading mine :) -Norah T.



almost 5 years ago Yerdua Awesomeness said:

I really like the way you wrote this piece. But how did she meet Tony? I mean, if he can't touch her, but their in a relationship, how does that work? It would be really hard to be living together (as I assume they are) and loving each other if they can't touch. How has she not told him that if he touches her, he'll go to the Shadowland? That would be a really awkward life for him: You: I love you Him: Will you marry me? You: Oh, yes! Him: [Goes to put the ring on your finger.] You: No! Don't touch me!


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over 5 years ago Lydia said:

This was extremely well-written, and I enjoyed the ending, it was sweet. You're descriptions of being in Shadowland are amazing and I just ate them up (is that a saying . . . ?), good job with this! Also, I didn't notice any typos, which is always nice. I hope you know how much I liked this!

One thing I did notice/randomly think about was when you said, "I can tell he wants to reach out and touch my shoulder in sympathy." Were her shoulders' bare? I was thinking, that with a power like that, you would want to cover up as much as possible. Then again, if her touch worked whether or not she had clothes covering her hand, I would believe she would have killed so many people by just bumping into them that she might have already been taken in to isolation so she doesn't kill anyone else. Or be dead, if she went into the shadows for every person she killed. OR, she might have just never left her house, bedroom, etc. But then, the question of where and how she met Tony represents itself. That, at least I think would be nice if you expanded on. Just a paragraph about how she met him, or maybe even a couple of sentences. Not much, but just some background.

Sorry, just some random rambling of mine. Anyways, I just hope you know that this was really good, and I did love reading it. Great job!!