Safe And Sound

Safe And Sound

2 chapters / 1156 words

Approximately 6 minutes to read


*Novel in Progress*
Miranda has always hated her body. She's been bullied her entire life by various mean girls. Her only friend, Analei, stands up for her whenever she's around. But she can't stand up to Miranda herself.


Drama, Writing, Novel


Long hair

over 5 years ago just_a_thought said:

Very good so far! There's a lot of description in the beginning and carries on through the end. As it goes on, it'll explain some of the questions I have, too. :) Great job!

Ana y yo 010

over 5 years ago Desteny Flores said:

Awesome story. I loved that you used an uncommon name(my niece's name is Analei, and it's also written like that) also I could feel myself in the story. Good job, hope you continue.


over 5 years ago Gabrielle Hyde said:

its a good start. although, the first chapter should continue the conversation between Michael and Miranda. just a thought. but overall, a great start to the novel. keep at it!


over 5 years ago Grace Mellark ∞ said:

this is very good and strikes an emotion in people, which makes me keep reading and not wanting to stop. please write more :)


The vampire diaries

over 3 years ago Shammi said:

This was very well written! I love how you expressed your feelings through this poem. (:

Lily wilde

over 5 years ago T. Patterson said:

I actually saw this the other day and thought about reading it, only I thought it was another THG fan fiction and passed it up... I really like your idea and I hope you continue. You have some really unique names for your characters and I admire that, I hate trying to find names for my characters and usually just go with the most generic and classic names... Kudos on the originality. I love that Taylor Swift song too, it was just perfect for The Hunger Games and I like your twist and usage of it. Nice job and I hope you continue with this:)