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The Author, like most sane people, hates standardized tests.


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almost 4 years ago L. Radocchia said:

I love the way you universalize certain parts of the experience, like skipping math questions and cramping your hand on the number 2 pencil. The overactive editor dwarf that lives in my brain wanted to split up a few run-on paragraphs, but the flow of your cadence sounds accurate to a high school student.


over 4 years ago JCM said:

God, this is so accurate! I hate standardized testing. It's so pointless and the state testing that we have to do where I live is so easy that it almost puts you to sleep (or at least almost puts me to sleep). This was really funny and you definitely have a great sense of humor. I liked how you perfectly described how we all feel during one of these exams and how we always feel like we're serving someone other than ourselves. It was hilarious how serious you made the entire thing. You are truly talented and I hope to read your other work too.