Not Different

Not Different

1 chapter / 1566 words

Approximately 8 minutes to read


This is a story I wrote SUPER quick about a blind boy starting his first day of normal school.



about 5 years ago Cassidy Petrillo said:

This was really good. It gave me an insight on blind people. Good job with this!


about 5 years ago Riley Armstrong said:

I love this I wish you would add more(:


over 5 years ago A.M. Starr said:

Hahaha, that's for the penis joke! This was a great piece and I love how you wrote it through the POV of one of the blind. Great job(:


over 5 years ago sasha shamblen said:

good job, i like youre story, i feel bad for ben though and he has interesting thoughts.



over 5 years ago M.L. Carista said:

I have a very high respect for the blind. They are amazing people and it's hard to imagine their world. You gave the main character a very appropriate mind-set for a teenager who just became blind. However, he seemed a little too comfortable with it. If it had happened that summer, he would still be struggling with it. However, he was very headstrong and determined. That gave me even more reason to keep reading. I love his attitude and also his willingness to admit that he was lost and needed help. Amazing Job! Can't wait to see if you post more!


over 5 years ago integral_x said:

Haha I really enjoyed reading made me realize just how hard it is for blind they want to fit in. This was very realistically written. Great job! :)