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The juxtaposing opposites in our universe make for a mechanical and beautiful life.


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over 5 years ago cassidy crickenberger said:

this poetry style is interesting. very catching of the eye. i liked it. i just had to concentrate a lot more because it was so unique. which is good :)


over 5 years ago Olivia Fischer said:

i think everyone agrees that the beginning makes very little sense. i guess you are just smarter than all us simple poets (; but i really like the middle. infinity. its a good word (:

Black water splash

over 5 years ago KYE. said:

this was a really strange poem (in a good way). i liked it and it made me think.


over 5 years ago Delbert McGill said:

I like rebels and this piece speaks to me in that context. You have tossed out all conventions and created on of you on. That can be a good thing but it is a two edge sword so be careful.


Hands in the sky

over 5 years ago Shannon Lily said:

I enjoyed reading and re-reading this poem until I thoughtI understood it, all the while knowing that I probably didn't! What I got from it was that, dark, light, hot, cold, in the mechanical life they are simply represented by symbols or signs and that they are all the same. In a way I see the beauty in that, even if that wasn't what you were getting at. I love the concrete form of this poem, even if I am not very familiar with the style. Over all, I liked it! :) -Shannon Lily


over 5 years ago Nina Roscoe said:

If this is to show the beauty and mechanics of life, as the description says, I think you missed out on the beauty a bit. However, it is a really interesting concept, to use the form to illustrate the mechanical side rather than just what you say. I don't think it's enough to only focus on that though; while there is something beautiful about mechanics, it isn't the only type of beauty. Other than that, it did seem a bit contrived. I did quite like the title in relation to it, but the poem lacked something for me.